Nueva Vida Transitional Housing

  • 16 Apartments*
  • 2 or 3 Bedrooms
  • Spacious
  • Fully Furnished
  • Gated
  • Laundry Room
  • Case Management
  • Weekly Life Skills Sessions
  • Temporary (18 month program)
  • Rent Fees Apply

*Our apartments are located only in the McAllen area.

The transitional housing program has 16 apartments and 1 life skills hall that were build in 2002. Since then we have helped a medium of 13 families per year. We have helped approximately 910 individual (mother and child/children) in our 18 years of operation.

Mujeres Unidas is committed to the safety of all our clients and staff.

Other Helpful Information
Ground Rules: The tenant should consider our grounds rules before accepting to participate in this program. Some of our ground rules are: (a) No visitors, this includes, family and close friends, or babysitters, and the like. (b) Clients are not allowed to bring any of their furniture’s with them. (c) Sorry, but no pets are allowed on premises. Additional ground rules are detailed on the lease agreement.

This program is based on self-motivation, discipline, and determination.


In order to be referred to this program, the client needs to have a current file with the agency, proof of gainful employment, and other helpful paperwork. 

The center is looking for the most motivated client.

Out of the Area Referrals

Clients that are interested in this program that are not in the Hidalgo County area are recommended to approach the domestic violence center in their area. The advocate there should make contact with our agency. Before making this decision, the client and sister shelter advocate should consider the following: custody orders, job transfer opportunities (employment is a requirement of the program), court cases pending including travel and lodge.

The Nueva Vida Transitional Housing program is where you will hear the success stories. The families in this program have recently experienced domestic violence and/or sexual assault. They have made a difficult choice to loose their belongings and assets in order to live free from fear of violence and death. Along the way, some family and friends have become their enemies and stalkers. These clients have recently become single, and they are experiencing economic hardship and poverty caused by divorced, and safety transitions.

With the help of the program they are working towards their goals. Some of the goals include raising their credit scores, establishing or repairing credit, seeking to increase their income. Some are in pursuit of post-secondary education or in pursuit of state exams or certifications for professional careers, helping professions, business and others. While at the same time, they are seeking permanent housing for their families. In the midst of this, some struggle to maintain or secure reliable transportation, trustworthy daycare, medical care, money for groceries and home products.

The challenge is real, but we do have successes stories. Our end goal is to help mother and children reconnect with their goals and dreams in order to achieve a successful exit from our program.

We never tire to amaze at the success that our clients achieve while in the program.

Through a wish list donation, you can partner with our clients success. The donations that you give are perceived as a dollar value that in turn translates into a little more money into the clients own exit savings account.

Wish list items that are specific to this program include:

Kitchen Equipment: Blenders, coffee pots, skillets, electric grills, cooking utensils, nutrition food prep utensils, knives, cutting boards, plates, cups, dry towels,  anything kitchen

Working Mom’s Makeover: Purses, portfolio carry bags, resume paper, pen drives, work/interview accessories, scarves, jewelry, make up, hair care products, hair accessories, skin care products, suit coats, hair irons, hair blowers, clothing irons, and the like

Restroom and Bath Accessories: Shower curtains, towels of all sizes, non-slip floor mats, toilet brush, plungers, anything restroom

Bedding: New items only. Pillows, pillow cases, covers, bed sheets, anything bedding

Home Products: Mops, brooms, dust pans, dust brushes, cleaners, dish soap, and the like

Laundry: Detergents, softeners, baskets, hampers, and the like

Toiletries are always welcome.

Door prizes for mom’s and toys for teens and children.

At Transitional Housing we are looking for partners that will donate time and raw materials/fixtures that will help us maintain our housing program in comfortable and livable conditions. Transitional housing has 16 apartments and 1 life skills hall that were build in 2002. Since then we have helped a medium of 13 families per year. We have helped approximately 910 individual (mother and child/children) in our 18 years of operation.

Your business, corporation, foundation, or group can adopt a specialization of a fixture or repair for one, some, or all of the apartments. Example, you can specialize in replacing all the toilet tank water pumps and water hoses in one, some, or all of the apartments. Or, you can specialize in replacing or repairing all exit and entrance key doorknobs in one, some, or all of the apartments. Or, you can adopt one apartment and replace and repair, all or some fixtures.

We are Women Together Foundation, Inc., a local non-profit agency under section 501 (c) (3). All donations are tax-deductable.

Do you offer any services for walk-in/non-resident clients that are not part of the housing program? Yes, from time to time we offer free GED classes and free ESL classes for walk-in clients. We may also offer seminars, workshops, trainings, groups, and other classes to non-resident clients.

Is there a waiting list? Clients enter and exit at different times of the year.

Is there a rent fee? Yes, a rent fee applies, plus utilities.

If my business or group makes a donation, or adopts a family, can we take pictures with the family? Pictures are a highly sensitive safety concern for our clients. In all fairness to your group, the case worker can let the family know about the request for a picture. Ultimately it is up to the client to accept or deny this request. Even if the family accepts to take the picture, your group will not be allowed to go past the life skills hall.