Volunteer Opportunities

Change Lives

Women Together / Mujeres Unidas Volunteer Program offers prospective volunteers a variety of opportunities to provide service & assistance in the following areas:

Crisis Hotline Advocate
  • Answer calls from individuals seeking help or resources
  • Provide crisis intervention and safety planning
  • Arrange shelter for victims (as needed)
  • Submit monthly telephone logs and activity time sheets
Sexual Assault Advocate
  • Provide crisis intervention to survivors of a sexual assault
  • Accompany survivors to hospital, law enforcement agencies, criminal proceedings etc.
  • Arrange shelter for survivors (as needed)
  • Transport and/or accompany clients to court
  • Provide moral support and encouragement to clients during court proceedings
Community Education, Awareness and Outreach
  • Deliver speeches to community groups on agency services
  • Assist at awareness events / community health fairs
  • Assist in dropping off agency brochures at local social service offices: WIC, Food Stamps
Children's Activities
  • Assist Program Coordinator with children’s activities: arts and crafts, self-esteem &
    therapeutic games
  • Assist during special events and holiday parties
Office Assistant
  • Assist receptionist in answering the telephone
  • Receive and welcome clients
  • Assist staff in clerical duties: data entry, copies, shredding, etc.
  • Assist in preparing quarterly newsletter
Donation Program
  • Assist in sorting incoming donations
  • Assist in picking up donations as needed
  • Assist in pricing and displaying merchandise at thrift store
  • Assist in raising funds during annual fundraisers
  • Assist in researching for new funding opportunities: foundations, local businesses, etc.
Board of Directors
  • Interest in the Women Together/Mujeres Unidas mission to help govern the agency
  • New board members are voted in once a year in February
  • Internships are available in the direct service programs
  • Submit a letter of interest and your resume (via email: [email protected]) to the Volunteer Program
Volunteer Self Quiz

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Volunteer in a Direct Service Program

  • What do I personally hope to gain from volunteering? Is my primary motivation to support a cause, meet new people, develop additional job skills, be recognized in the community, or do I feel better about myself when I’m assisting others?
  • How much of a time commitment will this volunteer job take to do well? Do I realistically have this much time to spare? Will this fit into my schedule and lifestyle?
  • Will my skills, interests, personality, and experiences be useful in this setting?
  • Have I talked to the Volunteer Coordinator to get a clear idea of the expectations for this position? How much training is required? How many hours am I expected to work? Who will supervise my work?
  • Am I relatively sure that I will be performing meaningful work, as opposed to “busy work”? Does staff seem to accept and respect the work of volunteers?
  • Am I willing to take honest feedback concerning my performance? Am I willing to be forthcoming with my concerns even if it isn’t popular to do so?
  • Can I be sure that I can respect confidentiality 100% of the time?
  • As a survivor of domestic violence or sexual assault, will I be able to totally support other victims without re-victimizing myself?
  • Am I able to communicate with Spanish speaking clients?

Community Service Projects

Year Round

  • Organize Benefit Drive for Basic Living Needs for clients residing at the Emergency Shelter and Transitional Housing i.e. new socks, underwear, t-shirts, flip flops, toiletries, baby items, pampers; gently used clothing and household items.
  • Holiday Parties – sponsor a Holiday Party by providing food items pizza, hotdogs, cupcakes, goody bags, juice boxes, candy, piñatas and/or assist with children’s games and activities.
  • Adopt-a-Bedroom – Painting and re-decorating of Shelter Bedrooms and Transitional Housing Apartments. Your help is needed to secure sponsors for the paint and painting supplies.
  • Fundraising – your support is greatly appreciated during our fundraising events throughout the year.


Organize Teddy Bear Drive for children residing at the Shelter and Transitional Housing


Donations are greatly appreciated during Spring Break Week: arts and crafts, activity books, board games, sports balls, jump ropes, snacks, and juice boxes


Volunteer or register as a participant in the Walk in Her Shoes 5K Run/Walk.


Secure donations of Mother’s Day gifts and/or luncheon.


Organize Canned Food Drive for our needy families


Donations are needed during the hot Summer Months: arts and crafts, activity books, board games, puzzles, snacks, and juice boxes

August - September

Back to School Drive: backpacks, school supplies, new socks, and underclothing. We are looking for sponsors to  underwrite the cost of the water slide and party food.


Assist during Domestic Violence Awareness Month Activities: Annual Candlelight Vigil, DV month activities and health fairs representatives.


Secure sponsors for Turkeys & Trimmings for Shelter and Transitional Housing clients.


Organize Toy Drive for children residing at Shelter and Transitional Housing. Women’s gifts are also appreciated.

Corporate Involvement

Your partnership with Women Together / Mujeres Unidas makes all the difference. Our staff will work with your company to find the right partnership while helping Women Together fulfil its mission and serve thousands of victims in our community.

For more information, call  (956) 630-4878 or email [email protected]

Sponsor a Women Together / Mujeres Unidas event
Visit here to see what events are coming up.

Help us secure a corporate grant
Let us know about corporate grant opportunities we might be able to apply for, or nominate Women Together / Mujeres Unidas for a corporate grant yourself!

Volunteer as a group or individually
We welcome your group or individuals to come out and volunteer for a special project, if you don’t see something on our volunteer page that fits your group, give us a call and we’ll help find the perfect project!

Host a meeting at your office & learn about our services
Our staff would be delighted to lead an informational session about domestic violence, its impact on our community, and how to help a friend or coworker experiencing abuse. Let us be a resource for you!