Rape Crisis Center



Counselors are available to provide individual and group counseling for survivors of sexual assault. Whether the sexual abuse occurred recently or years ago you have the right to recieve these counseling services at the Rape Crisis Center.


Sexual assault outreach advocates are available to accompany all survivors to the court, hospital, and police stations. It can be intimidating to seek these services alone, advocates are available to provide accompaniment to these locations by simply dialing our hotline. Remember you are not alone.

Medical Accompaniment

Law Enforcement Accompaniment

Criminal Justice Accompaniment

Emergency Shelter

    • Shelter is available to survivors of sexual assault if they feel their household is not a safe location to stay.

Legal Advocacy

    • Our legal advocates will be able to help survivors of sexual assault by providing information regarding legal options, advocacy, external referrals, court accompionment, and working alongside lawyers.

Crisis Intervention

    • Trained advocates will be able to assist clients and connect them to the correct departments while providing peer counseling during the intake process. No appointment required for crisis intervention.



    • Advocates will aid the survivor by giving necessary information, speaking with the police department, being present during a SANE exam, provide clothes and emotional support during sexual assault accompaniment process.

Community Education

Our sexual assault outreach advocates are dedicated to providing awareness to our community about sexual assault. Advocates are available to provide in person or Zoom presentations covering a array of subjects covering sexual assault to students, staff, or the public. If you would like to receive a presentation, training, or have an informational booth set up at your event feel free to contact us. The Rape Crisis Center provides Certified Victims Services Training for professionals and volunteers twice yearly. Feel free to call our office number for more information.


24/7 Crisis Hotline Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence :

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can help me?

      • The Rape Crisis Center is equiped with Sexual Assault Outreach Advocates, Legal Advocates, and Counselors to help survivors of sexual assault and their loved ones.

What is Sexual Assault?

      • is any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient. 

What does Sexual Assault in a domestic violence relationship look like?

      • Being pressured, guilted, or forced into sexual relations with your partner. The victim may even be blamed for the actions of the abuser.

How much will it cost me to receive services at Mujeres Unidas/Women Together?

      • Services are provided free of cost to survivors of sexual assault.

What do I do if I have just been sexually assaulted?

      • Survivors of sexual assault have the right to a SANE exam. For more information about how and where to receive a SANE exam contact the hotline number to speak with an advocate

Has Covid 19 affected how I can receive services at Women Together?

    • Yes, for the safety of the Women Together staff and our clients we are conducting intakes, advocacy, and counseling via telephone. Please contact our hotline number for more information about how to receive our services.

SANE Exam Offered Here

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SANE Exam Offered Here